My name is Ora Kolmanovsky. As graphic designer, I provide a range of web, motion design/video and illustrations services. I work independently and I am always available for new projects.

My mother wanted me to be a piano teacher and for 5 years I worked on mastering piano until I got fed up and followed my own vision.

At the age of 6, I graduated to director. Granted, the stage was my windowsill, the actors, my dolls, but the audience was always enthusiastic.

In school, I spent a few years in an acting studio and was even lucky enough to direct several shows. But in college I found my passion for design and art history, and graduated with an MA.

Since then, I've worked in various types of design studios, large and small, honing my graphic skills and eventually acquiring my own client base.
Now I get to do what I love: create various designs for internet, multimedia and print projects.

I like to think my speckled path of artistic interests initiated a unique design process, where new ideas form like musical compositions and web layouts become my stage.


Expert: PhotoShop, Flash (+action script), Premier, AfterEffects, Illustrator.
DreamWeaver, SwifT3d, CoolEditPro.
Basic: ASP, PHP.

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