There was large amount of objects, created for my video art SEMPITERNO (you can read about the video at my Motion/Video category. The conception of the project based on an idea of mine to create entire scenography made only from paper cut.
I was very inspired by visual power of paper cut; especially because of the game of light and shadow those shapes create. So, I decided to make a short film, when paper cut will be main material on the stage.
My intention was to explore the possibility to create the scenography and costumes design out of paper. I made 3 large paper screens, paper houses, paper trees, roots, dresses and hat, and other objects seen in the video. The production stage of all continued for several months and it was very exiting process.
Some of the objects were big; I used 3 large screens on the background. The dimensions of each one of them were 1.90/1.20m. Some of the objects, on contrary, were very small. For example, I created number of tiny trees, which filmed coming out of the mouth (3cm dimension). For the hat in video I used number of paper roots and dimensions of each one of them were about 1.5m long. All the objects you can watch below.
Tools: 10m of Fabriano white watercolor papers, hand paper cut.